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Automate/integrate processes while minimizing your carbon footprint. Click. Sign. Send. Done.

Create Custom Position

You can create custom position & assign workflows.

Auto-Assign Courses 

Create rules to auto-assign courses by criteria

Create Document Autofill Fields

Upload your document & assign fields to autofill

Auto Reminders & Alerts

Auto alerts and notification to keep your users on track

Send Bulk E-Sign Requests

Create document campaigns  by position, facility, & more.

Maintain Branding With Whitelabeling

Customize your workspace to maintain brand awareness

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Create Custom Positions

Your team can create custom positions based on profession, full-time vs part-time, & remote vs onsite.


Create Fields To Autofill Documents

You can insert user database fields on any document to automatically fill out the information. Eg. autofill the user's first name in the 'First Name' section of the document.

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Send Out Group Electronic Signature Requests 

You can now create a document campaign to send out to a group of team members instead of having to do this individually. Eg, Send out a feedback form to all of the Cardiologists at the company.


Assign Courses Automatically

You can assign courses automatically to team members based on position type, facility of work, and more.


Automatic Expiration and To-Do Reminders

Flow automatically reminds your team member of any upcoming expiration and to-dos so you don't have to.


Your Branded Workspace

Maintain your brand awareness with white-labeled workspace and online branded forms.