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Features you'll love

Engagement with empowerment and without the micromanagement.

Custom User Workflows

Workflows are created based on user position in mind.

User Task

Manager can create tasks to keep team member on track 

Auto Alerts & Notifications

Auto profile and document alerts to keep them on track.


Send out employee survey, feedback forms, and more.


Keep your team up to date and on track. 

Securely Share CV and Docs Outside

Individual can share their CV/Docs with a secure link


User Dashboard

Dashboard organized by position, facility, and personal profile sections. 


Automated Alerts

Requirements are automatically shown by position, profession, and facility requirements. The user receives alerts to their emails as well. 


Team Chat

Avoid task related emails back and forth and communicate with your team directly on Flow.


User Task Management

Create task and task list for your team members to keep things moving in the right direction.

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Team Feedback

Capture ongoing feedback through employee surveys, department feedback, and more.


Securely Share

Individuals are able to store their CV and documents for free on Flow. They can share their info outside of Flow with a secure link.