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Onboarding new teammates is often a difficult task, regardless of the industry. It can be the most stressful in medical environments of all sizes, because they typically need qualified and reliable staff sooner rather than later. This can be an intimidating challenge when new hires must undergo rigorous background checks and in-depth training before starting a shift.

At Flow Healthcare, we appreciate that acquiring new staff is a delicate balance between thoroughness and moving as quickly as possible. We make this process easier for all parties by streamlining and improving the onboarding process to get the assistance you need without losing momentum. Arrange your free intro call to learn more about our solutions.

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Why Teams Need Healthcare Onboarding Services

The potential pitfalls of onboarding appear during and after acquiring a new hire. Healthcare teams must optimize every part of the process to avoid turnover, costing companies 100% to 300% of the lost employee’s salary. Here are some of the most common onboarding problems:

Budgetary Pressure

The hidden costs of onboarding can be a serious drain on any practice’s budget, but especially on smaller groups. Reports from the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) revealed that practices typically spend over $7,000 on a single provider application. Almost $100,000 is lost in staff wages annually through the administrative weight of onboarding new hires.

Lack of Staff or Overwhelmed Hiring Personnel

Smaller operations may lack the resources to create a dedicated onboarding management position, placing extra stress on the existing team. Larger operations will have a greater need for new team members, increasing recruitment pressures. A lack of automation in either scenario puts extra weight on employees who are already running at maximum.

Protracted Onboarding Procedures

There’s no getting around the necessary time and diligence of onboarding to avoid financial and legal liability. Submitting and verifying Provider work and educational history, as well as medical background, can take months for both the Provider and admin. Errors at this stage can cause further problems with patient billing and scheduling.

Poor Internal and External Communication

Onboarding is a communication-intensive process at every stage, encompassing interdepartmental contact, dealing with checking agencies and references, and keeping new hires informed and updated about their application process and their eventual role when accepted. Weak communication at any of these points can compromise role clarity and further complicate the onboarding process.

Onboarding Solutions From Flow Healthcare

The Flow Healthcare app provides a simple, paperless solution to onboarding challenges, allowing medical facilities of all scopes and sizes to easily onboard new hires in clinical and nonclinical settings. Our software provides many benefits, including:

On-the-Job Education

Our app allows users to create customized training courses to ensure new hires get the training that’s specifically required for their role. The Flow Healthcare Educate section also lets you run reports, edit courses, or visit the marketplace to purchase pre-prepared courses that save even more time.

Seamless Online Reference Checks

Get reference requests simply and quickly by sending emails to references who can click through customized questions, add any additional comments or information to verify their relationship to the applicant, and sign off on it electronically.

Expedited Credentialing

Users can manage employee licenses and certifications in days instead of weeks with Flow Healthcare and help streamline the credentialing process. The software provides at-a-glance access to how many individuals are in the workflow process and how far along they are.

Clear Team Communications

The Flow Healthcare app delivers team chat and feedback so you can support new hires and quickly address their needs while keeping channels open for your current staff. Clear communication is also an excellent way for new team members to bond with their colleagues and strengthen company culture.

Fast Healthcare Level Background Checks

Meeting healthcare and regulatory agency requirements depends on multiple checks of potential hires. Stay safe by running customized assessments of local, federal, OIG, and other sources to explore and verify candidate history.

Save Time and Money

Autofill documents and automatically organize electronically signed forms to reduce redundancy and boost productivity. Our app also integrates with Bamboo HR for comprehensive HR management and the Greenhouse Applicant Tracking System to make job listings and interviews easier.


Made for Healthcare

Admin dashboard that gives you all you need to know for the day & week to keep your team on track!

Run Background Checks

For healthcare workforce - check OIG, Federal sources (GSA, DEA, FDA, PHS, ORI, TRICARE and OFAC-SDN), State Medicaid Exclusion List, Board Disciplinary Actions Sources, and state Abuse Registries 


Obtain Online References

Make it easy for the references or other staff to fill out the required form through email or SMS link.


Autofill Documents

Flow pre-populates documents for your team members so the only thing they have to do is –
Click | Review | Sign


Electronic Signature

Signed forms are automatically organized in the employee's folder. You no longer have to pay for a separate app.


Your Trusted Partner for Healthcare Onboarding

The Flow Healthcare team prides itself on being a valuable ally for medical groups of every kind. We provide onboarding solutions that work for models across the healthcare spectrum. We can seamlessly partner with:


  • Hospitals of all sizes and scopes, including community, micro, critical access, and academic institutions

  • Skilled nursing facilities, memory care, and assisted living centers

  • Telemedicine groups, ancillary medical services, analysts, and consultants

  • Providers, pharmacists, chiropractors, EMS, dentists, and therapists

  • And more

Our onboarding assistance is available no matter what healthcare model you follow. You can connect with us to discover how easily Flow Healthcare can integrate with your team.

medical professionals shaking hands during the healthcare onboarding process.