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Case Study: Savings of $600/employee & reduction of administrative time by 50%.

Updated: Feb 7

Case Study - How Beam Healthcare cut administrative time by 50% and is on track to reduce its operational cost by more than $600 per new employee.

The Problem

Beam Healthcare joined Flow as a beta user to improve their efficiency in managing team members, handling outside paperwork overload, and reducing their overall internal operational cost.


Beam Healthcare is a provider group focused on telemedicine. Recently, Beam found themselves needing to hire multiple new providers and credential existing providers at multiple hospitals to help out with the COVID pandemic. This process was tedious and time-consuming. Beam has been a paperless company focused on lean internal processes from day 0, and this most recent task didn’t match their company focused goals. Beam admin team was spending a lot of their time on busy work instead of moving the company forward. There had to be a more efficient and financially conscious method to hire new clinical employees, augment the existing credentialing process, and provide the required ongoing education and training.


Flow Healthcare was materialized from the desire to improve workflows, reduce operational costs, and expedite the onboarding and team management process. Flow's goal was to give back time and workforce assets, thereby providing the freedom to use these savings towards more valuable company goals.

Since starting to use the Flow application for their new team members, Beam has seen more than a 50% reduction in time spent onboarding and managing their teams. They were also able to significantly reduce the time that was spent assisting the outside credentialing process.

What’s Next for Beam Healthcare

With positive feedback, including ease of use, convenience, and a centralized location from the end-user, Beam will transition their team of 30+ employees over to Flow. All future hires and ongoing training will be completed using Flow for an all-in-one solution.

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