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Big or small, Flow is your all-in-one clinical and admin workforce management solution.


Micro | Critical Access | Community | Academic Institutions

Clinics & Groups

Dentists | Physicians |
Chiropractors | Therapists | Specialty | EMS | + More

Remote Workforce

Telemedicine Groups | Analyst and Consulting | Ancillary Medical Services

Post-Acute Facilities

Skilled Nursing Facilities | Assisted Living Centers | Memory Care

Solutions for


Status Quo

  • Managing large teams through multiple platforms 

  • High cost with bulky softwares

  • Complicated learning management systems with limited functionalities

  • Licensure and expiration tracking can be cumbersome and time consuming

With Flow

  • All-in-one solution to onboard, manage, educate, and engage your teams

  • Spend less and save more

  • Access to a growing number of APIs to integrate complementary softwares

  • Ability to create and auto-assign learning management courses

  • Built-in notifications that alert and enable healthcare personnel to take action

Status Quo

  • Limited technical resources and staff in managing teams

  • Unable to scale with current infrastructure

  • Dealing with redundant paperwork to meet varying client requirements

With Flow

  • Onboarding workflow & automation

  • All-in-one solution for employee onboarding, management, and education

  • Customizable forms with document automation to help minimize repetition

  • Create brand awareness with whitelabled workflow

Solutions for

Clinics & Groups


Solutions for

Remote Workforces

Status Quo

  • Keeping up with rapid advancement of telemedicine and the remote workforce

  • Ensuring safe hiring practices without in-person screening

  • Efficiently manage your growing team, along with their tasks

With Flow

  • Leveraging custom eForms and eSignatures to save time

  • Integrated API for background checks and ID verification

  • Project management and assignment capabilities to help focus co-workers


Status Quo

  • Limited financial resources to invest in team management

  • Managing multiple employee types (Providers, CNAs, Nurses) all in one platform

  • Completing employment checks and through outdated technologies

  • Updating technology while considering financial constraints

With Flow

  • Customizable profile types that allow set licensure requirements upon hire

  • Electronic references and education verifications

  • Affordable solution that frees up time by automating previous manual tasks

Solutions for

Post-Acute Facilities


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